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Devitrification of quartz occurs when a quartz object (banger, insert, coil-less atomizer, ect) is heated and used at high temperatures for an extended periods of time, heated with gases other than butane or when heated with impurities such as burnt concentrated oil residue (or even residual oils from your skin). To avoid this from occurring and to keep quartz clearer longer, the surface contaminants must be removed prior to reheating. Thats where our product comes in handy!
Magical Unicorn Tips are a gentle yet abrasive scrubbing swab designed specifically for legal herbal concentrates of all kinds!
High end quartz like 
Highly Educated (known for popular 'Gavel') 
QCB ‘Quave Club Bangers’
Evan Shore (known for popular 'Billow Bangers’)
Eternal Quartz (known for popular  'Quartz Inserts')
Crystal Quartz (known for popular 'Terp Tuner' carb cap)
Hoyes (known for quality American Quartz made Flat Tops usually under $150)
Pukin Beagle (known for popular ‘Thermal P’)
Joel Halen (known for popular ‘Trough' ), 
Whitney Harmon Glass (known for popular 'Thermochromic Bucket’)
Omni (Q-Mega (known for popular 'Santa Cruz Shredder') 
Toro Glass (known for 'Slitless Grail')
and many other quartz brands can cost anywhere from $150 to a few hundred dollars. Get the most bang for your buck and preserve the surface with Magical Unicorn Tips. Each swab lasts anywhere from 2-10 uses; thats approx 50 - 250+ uses per pack ** Scrub residuals away with ease and keep your quartz surfaces fresher, longer. Also works great on coil-less style pens like the 
Puffco Plus
Kandy Pens Donut
Yocan Evolve Plus ‘Ceramic Donut Coil’
Source Orb 4 ‘Source Terra 2 Donut Coil’ 
#ThisThingRips Roil 
or other similar styles.*** 

In our opinion being humble, honest, and respecting others actually counts. That being said, we absolutely love our customers, value all of your feedback and we appreciate each and every sale. We also find that our customers usually fall in love with our product, as it does exactly what it says it will do. If you use quartz and find yourself encountering that *banger ending* black stuff, then you will soon find a love for our swabs too. We are confident that you will like Magical Unicorn Tips so much, you’ll join in with the #MagicalUnicornTipsFamily and use them every day! Try some out today and see for yourself. We can almost promise that you will not be disappointed, although we won't for legal purposes ;-) Shipping also now included with awesome deals on bundles!