A handful of Magical Unicorn Tips abrasive cleaning swabs.
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A handful of Magical Unicorn Tips abrasive cleaning swabs.

Constantly replacing your quartz?

Hot or low temp, charred residue is often inevitable when you're using legal concentrates with quartz. Have you ever noticed that "black stuff" thats all over your banger once you're finished using your legal oils? Sure, you can "low temp" it all day long; but one mistake will leave your banger looking black and crusty. Almost all concentrates contain some form of lipids or plant material and leave a black residue on the surface of your quartz, often making maintenance a nuisance. Many people already use cotton swabs as a way to clean their nails, but have you ever tried scrubbing with one? Magical Unicorn Tips TM are the stronger, more efficient, and brand new way to safely clean the residues away; resulting in longer lasting quartz products. Cotton swabs have cheap plastic or paper handles, Magical Unicorn Tips TM are made with 100% recycled and sturdy bamboo. We also perform pressure tests to ensure that there is a standard of quality throughout each and every pack of our Tips. 

Magical Unicorn Tips TM are quartz safe, abrasive swabs designed specifically to remove that residue, resulting in a clearer, cleaner surface to use for next time. In ours and the opinions of our fans, the evidence is undeniable. Also, the palatable flavors a user experiences with a clear quartz surface every time are unattainable with any other product on the market right now. If you use concentrates that have high levels of plant material remaining, Magical Unicorn Tips TM are a must for your collection.  Magical Unicorn Tips help you keep your quartz surfaces looking as new as the day you bought them. Use in combination with cotton swabs to remove surface residue like a pro and keep your quartz fresh! Never devitrify a.k.a. "chazz" another surface again. Grab yourself a pack to check out today, and be sure to check out our Instagram and see what our awesome customers have to say!

Our products are intended for legal use only. 

By purchasing through us, Magical Unicorn Tips, you agree that you are of legal age of majority in your state and that products like ours are legal within your state.

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We find that the life of a quartz piece may vary from person to person. Heating to high temperatures results in wear to the quartz itself as well. Heat with care, never heat red hot, and always heat with butane and not propane.